Why the Rugged Pant?

... because baby butts are best left in the bath.

Let's be honest here... Kids are the most destructive force you will ever meet in your life. Between them completely destroying their clothes or outgrowing them overnight, we are often left pondering the thought of letting them go naked. The Rugged Pant was designed out of that moment of desperation and is now our gift to you, because baby butts are best left in the bath. Our Rugged Pant uses knee patches to provide extra durability and padding to areas that experience the most wear. We reinforced the inseam to keep those pants together through all the slips, trips, and spits. The Rugged Pant also features a foldable waistband to extend the wear and foldable cuffs to protect your little explorer's ankles. 

So why the Rugged Pant, because it's the pant that will last through many adventures and memories to come.